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Sears will close 80 stores stores on the verge of settlement.

The sales icons, the chains in the U.S. department, have repeatedly set the deadline for the sale of purchases on Friday, to keep everything else closed.

Chains began as a catalog of e-mail sales in the 1880s, a downward trend in the downturn that was slowed down by large recession and then suffered by competitors, both physically and online.

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80 stores will be closed in March, will be added to 182 stores, which will be closed, including 142 at the end of 2018 and 40 more at the end of February. The company refused it in October, since the signaling closed only more than 20% of its facilities and maintained only 500 more profitable establishments.

Sears Holdings Corp., also managed by Kmart, is a list of retail sales absorbed by fund hedges.

With the death of Eddie Lampert's venture capital director, Sears has been winning a season for some stores and selling iconic brands like Artisan.

Lampert, the company's president and principal shareholder, lent his money and made agreements to keep the company and earn profits from the ESL risk fund. Lampert and ESL have bought $ 4,600 million in Sears cash and shares.

But at 4 in the afternoon, apparently from the east, nobody made an official offer. Sears did not comment.

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