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SECk imposes fines for Mayweather and DJ Khaled to promote ICO | CriptoNews


United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) imposed penalties, on Thursday, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and producers of Khaled Khaled did not receive the payments they received to promote the Centra Tech ICO. September 2017

According to a security opinion, Thursday, the famous boxer He received 100 thousand dollars of executive Centra Tech to promote the company's Initial Currency Offer (ICO). In addition, Stox and Hubii Network have foreclosed the entire amount of $ 200,000 in Mayweather with the same goal.

In another opinion of the governing body, said DJ Khaled received $ 50 thousand dollars for Centra Tech to promote this brand in social networks.

In both communications, SEC has stated that Centra Tech's promotional activities, celebrities, seemed "impartial" but were reluctant to disclose misleading information.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. used her Instagram and Twitter accounts to publish photos and comments on behalf of Centra Tech's ICO. Source: BlockInsider.

The Centra Tech Crypto market was one of the most popular Initial Currency Offers to finance $ 32 million in total. However, the cryptocurrency project was soon found, offering a credit card to the cryptography market, which was a financial deception.

Centra Tech creators today are in jail for 65 years against conspiracy and financial fraud. Project managers are prosecuted for sale token in the United States, unaffiliated by the SEC, and falsifying the company's information, as well as false information about suspected visa, MasterCard and Bancord to distribute fake credit cards. for cryptoconference

In the case of Centra Tech, Mayweather and DJ Khaled emphasized the misleading advertising of social media. Students used Instragram and Twitter accounts to share photos and comments that promote the investment of the Initial Currency Offer of Centra Tech, a strategy that moved a large number of investors

DJ Khaled was also given the money to send Centra Tech to infrastructure in its social networks, as it did on an impartial basis. Source: TechCrunch.

Participation in the project will be very important for Mayweather, the central authority that will send Centra Tech to 300,000 dollars within 20 days of the Treasury.

Apart from returning money, Mayweather will pay $ 300,000 for fixed costs and prejudices at $ 14,775.. According to the SEK resolution, the prohibition of the boxer forbids the promotion of three-year "digital or other securities", and the authorities will begin to give instructions on how much more information on the case is still in the process.

Khlaed has to receive $ 50,000 to promote the ICO It must pay a fine of $ 100 thousand and payments for judicial services, of 2,725 dollars. DJ is also prohibited from promoting their values ​​in social networks within 2 years.

Both communications confirm that fines are not paid, which accrue to the interests of private currency. He also stressed that two people were also charged, in 2017, before deciding to participate with the ICO, the authorities indicated that the cryptococci could be sold as securities and, therefore, the SEC regulations.

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