Tuesday , January 18 2022

See the real reason for Soteldo's "U" salt


The ongoing changes in Yeferson Soteldo's demands, Uria, Frank Darío Kudelka, were arrested for the negotiation of Venezuelan follow-up negotiations.

As a result, coaches from Argentina felt that "Chamo" was a serious bet for the team and preferred to turn the page.

So, at least, La Tercera newspaper revealed, accordingly "Although he asked for a renewal before the holidays (Kudelka), finally, the players who decided to determine their persistence deteriorated..

He also said that the party in Sarna did not announce the trans-stages, because they did not want to give more privileges than others. "" Utoitzean, nobody is more important, "said coaches", detailed publication.

The above is absolutely accepted by the blue president, Carlos Heller. "The player's representative was sealed for a number of occasions, but sudden and incomprehensible sudden deals were ruined by the club as the player who worked for the first season of economic, administrative and operational efforts (…) The decision was taken to discuss, analyze and train with the idea that it is not possible to understand in the club's and campus's total sports planning that this type of practice can be based on "said the head.


A few days ago, Soteldo's agent, Sebastian Cano said he was reinstated at the campus, in parallel, other offers were left.

And the safest thing is that it is directed by Santos, directed by Jorge Sampaoli.

In fact, on this Wednesday, Soteldi made an exams to sign Meds Clinic as soon as possible for the Brazilian box.

Before the departure of Venezuelas, the "U" leadership was part of Paraguay, Cris Martinez, a member of Temuco, and passed to Mexico.

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