Monday , August 8 2022

Sernac announces an agreement for banks to take responsibility for fraud in the economy


The National Consumer Service (Sernac) signed with seven banking organizations operating in Chile, thus They deal with scams that affect customers.

According to La Tercera, these efforts began in 2017, through collective mediation, Consorcio, Banco Internacional, BICE, Santander, Banco Falabella, Seguridad, BCI and Scotiabank.

Previously, I had already solved the problem with the Chile Bank.

These efforts are in the final phase, Sernace sought to change clauses "The entities requested prior authorization from their own responsibility In this case, consumers have deceived frauds such as phishing and pharming, and fraudulent use of their codes. "

In this context, the BCI did not report "clauses changes" in compliance with the Law of Consumers in force in the "judgment of Sernac".

Specifically, this organization establishes The user will not be responsible for the movements made after the announcement has been madetheft or loss of your documents.

Likewise, the service was notified of an agreement reached with seven institutions, and Santander did not accept it.

"Sernace did not reach an agreement, so now, it is currently investigating the information, informing it in a timely manner," they said.

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