Monday , October 18 2021

Sernace publishes the mobile brand classification with most claims technology


Nowadays it is common for mobile users to have problems with certain problems with their equipment.

That's why it's National Consumer Service (Sernac) They have examined complaints received over mobile phones between 2015 and 2017, in order to find out more specifically about their complaints.

According to the agency, it has been working under the direction of retail and telecommunications companies that market, import or replace trademarks of mobile devices that have been marketed on the Internet, have been reviewed and reviewed.

Once the claims have been reviewed, Sernace concluded that 41,579 cases between 2015 and 2017 relate to mobile phones. In total, 17,072 were defective or dangerous products.

George Dolgikh | Pexels (CCO)
George Dolgikh | Pexels (CCO)

"46.6% of claims about defective products or hazardous products are not accepted by companies, 46.3% were received. 5.2% of companies did not respond "He explained to the organism.

For some reasons, 14.7% corresponds to "screens", for example, "go black" or pixel. Then, problems with download, battery life short or trouble-shooting problems (12.5%) appear; Afterwards, the product is restarted or the difficulties arise (8.4%).

"Fourthly, due to the emergence of temperatures or significant rises, 1,129 are replaced by 6.6% of all defective or dangerous products," he said.

In the end, Sernace received 72 complaints in the category "Ignition – smoke – short circuit – explosion", which are the most important in the case of people's safety.

Marks with the most claims

When the volume of claims received is analyzed Sernac About brands that show a greater safety riskSamsung concentrated most of the claims (392).

In total, 232 were burned and 102 were split / damaged or damaged. Sony continued to claim 243 claims; and third, Apple (iPhone), 128.

Then, Motorola (120), Huawei (66), LG (57), Alcatel (46), Own (44), Azumi (22) and Nokia (9) appear.

It should be taken into account that at this point the sales volume must be taken into account in our country, many brands like Samsung and Apple are better than others in the list.


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