Monday , October 18 2021

Singer Becky G has hardly made any makeup in the conversation and fans did not recognize television and shows


Becky G is undoubtedly a singer at the time of the city's musician and, thanks to his ugly rhythm, he has won the audience.

But this is not all, due to the increase in popularity, the artist launched the makeup line and promoted products that decided to publish an interview on his Instagram account.

However, and never before, Becky G appeared to be quite natural in his face. On this occasion, he removed the false false eyelashes he used frequently and did not use bright lipsticks, he said. BioBioChile.

The comments were immediate and many said that it was very different, some of which were confusing.

"What is a radical change", "It does not look like that"; "I thought another one"; "What little eyes without makeup"; "Literally looks like another person"; "I did not know without makeup"There were some comments.

However, a group of people did not like their appearance, others emphasized that it was natural.

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