Saturday , May 8 2021

Six universities will have the opportunity to close their studies in pedagogy

The National Accreditation Committee (CNA) announced that six universities will begin this April to close the pedagogical careerThis is the Instructional Career Directorate issued in 2016 that requires the institution and the academic program to be verified.

The CNA President, Alfonso Muga, explained "what an official revocation of the Ministry of Education works for the existence of these careers."

"However, we need to pay special attention, because the Ministry of Education needs to respect the situation of the students that start their career," he added.

Pedagogical careers will be closed universities Republic, Gabriela Mistral, Bolivariana, Los Leones, Pedro de Valdivia and Sek.

For this reason, the President of the CNA called these universities to non-university students, through a legal process to be approved by the students until April 1.

The President of the College of Teachers, Mario AguilarHe said that this state should be directed to the affected students.

"We inform that the families that are studying young people in the programs that need to close should exercise their rights, Pedagogical programs have been included in authorized universities, which is why the State must take responsibility, it can not ignore it, "said the President of the Magisterium.

Meanwhile, Acción Educar, executive directors, Daniel Rodríguez, It has made a balance in the transition process to ensure the quality of teaching quality.

"This specific transition was not badly planned, it was a reasonable period of time for the accredited and accredited organizations and careers, but they did not know whether or not they were successful or not, and we thought that this reduction would reduce the number of job offers, then it is natural to have consequences "said the expert.

On the other hand, the Higgins University, created in 2015, has a basic certification to continue Pedagogical Education and obtain a maximum period of 2022 for obtaining the certificate.

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