Monday , October 25 2021

Slash highlighted Greta Van Fleet rock manager New page is becoming a SonarFM


The guitarist said he was "boring".

After rising hip-hop, rap and R & B, like today's favorite genres, there have been possible discussions broken state error Last time it was repeated.

One of the best guitar music indicators in this event was consulted. We talked about it bar In a conversation with Billboard Radio China, he responded to a question about the current rock "hiding period".

The guitarist started his response, telling one of the groups he joined. "When Velvet Revolver came out definitely, it started at the beginning and mid-90s, and it lasted until the end of the decade and it was introduced to the millennium, and so we came out with tons of rock and roll." He commented on the guitarist.

However, after saying Slash, that was it business vision and rock and roll industry so that the teams can succeed in a certain way. As the musician says, this became a rock "Radio arrives, but it does not turn on anyone, it's boring and people are looking elsewhere."

Despite this unfortunate scenario, he said Slashe felt that "it's changing to a new page" "There are a lot of hungry rock and roll people that are getting together right now and they're aware of it."

At that moment, the musician highlighted the work they were doing recently. "Of course, Greta Van Fleet has done well and everyone has cheered and said," Oh, wow! "Now people need to start looking for young and group rock groups, so it's interesting" he commented.

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