Monday , May 29 2023

"Sleep in the queens of 2015 titles"


Gustavo Huerta (61) knows Cobresal perfectly. He defended himself as a 80-year-old player and became a coach in 1991, and then returned in 2004. Yes, he came back to El Salvador. Last year he went to the second level (strictly to third category) and did it. Now, Ever Cantero will return to Primera decisive player.

He was delighted by the epic victory against Wanderers.

We had a match in which everything was celebrated together. We played great goals and wins, but the result did not go away. In the end, we recovered the result of Valparaiso and, of course, we managed to live with the great joy at the end.

In discounts, did you imagine this situation?

Actually no. We did not even create occasions, even though they dominated, but there was no clarity. We were tired too. The ball stopped 3-1 and the penalties were ready. We then checked again. Everything was delivered in just a few minutes and very little.

Is Cobresal a miracle group?

I do not know wonders. Yes, Cobresal costs everything. Last year I arrived and the team went down to Segunda for six days. We were able to go ahead and this year we were all in the first place. There are few people in El Salvador, few people arrive at the stadium and there are many fans scattered throughout the country. Cobresal improves the work of coaches and players for all those who live here.

Now Cobreloa continues to dream …

It will be a tough match. Cobreloa is a team with a great team of experienced players. It's also very strong at home, because there are a lot of people behind and it does not wear anymore.

Does the mining group deserve priority?

More than one point ended with the general table. We share merits, it was very common and we had a great deal in the first round. When they returned, they were not good in the first half, but yes. The merits for sale are both.

They had a huge first wheel and then disintegrated. What happened there

Suddenly, in 30 days, it is difficult to maintain regularity. We lost a very important player, like Cantero. The second stage was hardly a play, and each team lost its goal. I think Cantero did not do everything we did in the first round in the second.

How do you evaluate your work so far?

It's hard to do that, here is the merit of the players and the club depends on the installations that develop a project. I reached a very difficult stage; In fact, I do not know if the club had been second class. This year we have been back in recovery and with a huge campaign.

There are several players in the historical title Cobresal. How important are these times?

They are not just pillars. Here are big players, many of them who have helped. The result is the basis of people mixed up among young people. When I arrived last year, I felt that the campus was sleeping in the quarter of the 2015 school. I noticed the bad times and the clubs they did not have. This shake has been serving and has a good campaign.

You criticized what happened to Fernando Díaz. Does the Chilean technician have a bad way?

Higher Image of Technicians is very bad. Taking management, after leaving the technician and learning from his wife, it seems ugly. He may not know what happens to the scholarship holder, but it is blind that President of the Technician Chair seeks to reach the exit of the bus. The situation speaks very badly.

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