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SMA accepts the program that meets SQM: the company must carry out research on environmental impact. | economy


He approved the Environmental Superintendence (SMA) SQM Salar S.A. Compliance Program Completed (PDC), a non-metal mining company will promote research on environmental impact in some of its mining operations Salar de Atacama.

So, Soquimik won the subject superintendency punishment punishment process Against it, due to a series of mishaps arising from litho-exploitation processes in Salar de Atacama.

In this way, the inspection body began its anti-mining process two years ago with the approval of the compliance plan.

It will be the planned plan Cost of $ 18 thousand According to the information provided by environmental superintendents, Ruben Verdugo The Chamber of Deputies is investigating the agreement between Corfo and SQM to exploit Salar de Atacama.

In the application, the authority certifies that the approval of the Plan is the ratio of environmental violations of the Salar de Atacam SQM.

"He declares the absolute acceptance of the owner's side It violates environmental commitments"Explained the Verdugo.

The authorities also stated that the six charges against SQM in general, "3 or 4 more measures have been disaggregated", one of them is to extract a larger amount of brine, which lithium is released, than the permit.

This latest situation creates the water deficit in Salar de Atacama, so the SMA has a 6-month period to return the volume of sterilized sauce to the mining company, thereby reducing the authorized flow, as determined by the organization. expression

SQM lithic extraction works Salar de Atacama | Ariel Marinkovic | AgencyUNO
SQM lithic extraction works Salar de Atacama | Ariel Marinkovic | AgencyUNO

Reactions in parliament

Under this account, Socialist Socialist Socialist Federation, Alejandra Sepúlveda, underlined that with the approval of PDC Soquimik develops for the first time, Environmental Impact Studies Salar de Atacama extraction works.

"The most important thing around this is that they must present themselves for the first time to the environmental impact study, which is why I believe it is important that we wait for the Superintendency to continue with Salar," said lawmakers.

In that regard, a radical deputy Marcela HernandoAlthough SQM's demand for research on environmental impact is said to be major processes. Salar de Atacama The work of SQM and other companies installed in the basin increases.

"Because they demand a study of environmental impact, it seems very good, but they are postponed. The restoration of water levels is very urgent," said the authority.

The Commission also attended Attorney General, Xavier ArmendárizHe mentioned the conditions of the agreement that came with the Ministry of the SQM, with an alternative solution that ended with Pablo Longueira and the people who are related to the former Minister of Economy.

After the Armendáriz exhibition, the chairman of the regional research team, Esteban Velásquez, who was treated as ordinary offenders, was commissioned by the secretary committee, and the SQM imposed a fine of $ 500 million for $ 2,000 million.

"In regards to the prosecutor's office, it is a graph that considered old laws, classified by SQM as criminal offenses and" criminal offense "(…) The prosecution reached agreement with the company – Our trial, a broken company. Because the law allows the release of dust and straw. "

On Monday, Corfoco and the SQM were the last meeting of the Commission for Research on the use of Salar de Atacama, focusing on debate and debate on the consequences that will be presented today to the House of Representatives. .

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