Wednesday , September 28 2022

Smokers selling their cigarettes, ready to go less. News of Gipuzkoa


Smoking cigarettes are not a solution, according to a recent study by University College London (UCL).

MADRID This research & # 39; BMJ Open & # 39; and a research center established by Cancer Research UK found that burning out 15.9% of smokers only for smoking reasons, compared to 20.3% of cigarettes. smoked factory cigarettes

The reasons why smokers do not think the reason for the tests are that they have so much output compared to the relatively low cost of the products compared to the cigar factory.

Regarding the daily consumption of tobacco crops compared to the cigarette smokers in the factory, smoking a week was less than half (14.33 pounds versus 26.79 cigarettes). packages).

"Smokers constantly point out that smoking is one of the main causes for smoking cigarettes, cigarettes that offer lower costs for cigar manufacturers, their users continue to burn and therefore have less desire to quit smoking," said research chief, Dr. Sarah Jackson, at the UCL Institute Epidemiology and Health Center.

The research was conducted nine years and a half, from November 2008 to March 2018, with the Smoking Toolkit Study, following a regular monthly study on smoking in England. Data provided by more than 38,000 English adults, to quit or quit smoking over the past year.

Smokers asked more than half (56.3%) that they were smoked only by factory cigarettes, only one third (36.6%) was sealing cigars.

"It has important consequences for tobacco control to reduce tobacco consumption by governments around the world to increase the cost of smoking," the doctor warns. .

On the other hand, Kruti Shrotri, a Cancer Research UK tobacco control expert, adds: "Moving cigarettes is much cheaper, so it's not surprising that smoking cigarettes use the least amount of cigarette smoking. They use cigarettes in the factory, so increase tobacco rolling taxes they need to match cigar prices at the factory to provide smokers with any type of tobacco they consume. "

For the same reasons, Deborah Arnott, Executive Director of Smoking and Health (ASH), adds "the evidence is clear: access to cheaper types of tobacco will not stop smokers from smoking. Cigarettes manufactured are taxes that are more expensive due to a significant increase in the number of cigarettes. and at the same time, the increase of the collection ".

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