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Snoring relieving tricks


Posted 06/01/2019 8:47:31CET


It is common for many women to not sleep well, due to fraudulent partners. The woman does not try to get rid of it. Usually half of the men tend to pity, but four women are pitying it, according to data from the Spanish Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery Association (SEPAR).

Yes, It is easy to rest because some tricks reduce your snoring and vanish. In many cases, when they begin to sleep with a partner, their knowledge and the situation and the processes that occur in them are essential, although it may not be a symptom of the disease. .

"It can be a symptom of the disease, but it does not bind to any link, 40% of the adult population snores, but in most cases they are simple snoring, who do not have pathology," he says. Interview with Infosalus, coordinator of SEPAR Sleep Area, Dr. Olga Mediano.

In that sense, he warns The most important pathology is sleep apnea. "It is not uncommon, but it is accompanied by respiratory system and the air is blocked at the throat, which is due to the respiratory arrest, which is a disease and affects the patient's health, but it is suffering from 4% of the elderly population," he adds.

Why is fraudulent in men more often than women, medium? The distribution of body fat indicates a higher level of male collarThis is sleeping when it sleeps and this area becomes more difficult. "There are some levels of fall that cause greater airway obstruction or air resistance", he says.

However, women show a different distribution of fats, accumulating more pills. Although menopause is noticed, accumulation is the same amongst men, which is why women continue to experience more rumors at this stage, even though there are more female apneas.

"Pregnant women also immerse themselves in a similar mechanism, maintain more fluids, increase weight and fat, and thus also reduce the risk of pulmonary abilities. Everything together, with a special hormonal condition, pregnant woman is pregnant before pregnancy"Adds a member to SEPAR.

Also, Medium emphasizes that, in addition to overweight, a day of rumor, such as smoking, colds or posture sleep disorder.

"Tobacco causes snoring, because it increases inflammation at the upper air level and reduces the space in the air. It also affects alcohol and especially if you drink it in the afternoon, it is easier to weaken the air and snoring"he warns.

At the same time, it refers to the back position, because the air is less protected and the barriers occur more; Nose pathology, such as septum diversion, nasal polyps or turbinate hypertrophy, may cause air flow to become turbulent, not laminated, and the patient must breathe in the mouth.

Similarly, large tonsilists can easily pity their children. "In the child, it will be the first cause of snoring, even when it grows older and weakens the airway, and weaker noise, the more it will happen," says Doctor Mediano.


All of this, member of SEPAR lists some tips or often reduce the annoying little snoring that prevents us from sleeping:

1. Avoid consumption of toxic substances (tobacco and alcohol)

2.- Sleeping position. "We seem to sleep well enough, but if you sleep aside one by one, and once we wake up, let's go aside, let alone sleep, which significantly reduces fatigue," says expert.

3. Losing weight reduces traces.

4.- Likewise, the devices also have the advancement of the mandibular progress to allow more room for ventilation and evaluate them in each case.

5. The same is true when patients do not maintain a position of sleep while some devices are not marketed and they detect when it goes back and changes its position.

6.- The medication that releases the nose, but always in the medical prescription.

7.- In the cases of the nose pathology, it may be useful if the otolaryngologist seeks surgery.

8.- The prescription of medicines always contains other medications, such as corticosteroids, sprays or drops, to be taken in a specific way and to reduce snoring.

9.- The use of gypsum is not scientifically proven effective, but there are patients who serve them, although "only in cases of low efficacy and low obstruction are not great smokers."

"Snoring is a cosmetic problem, but you need to go to a specialist when snoring is very annoying and you want to treat it, even if it's not a health problem." Specialists need to evaluate why this is the best solution and the best solution, depending on the case, but the snoring is not regular, and people who sleep with us have a daytime sleep disorder, sleep apnea syndrome, you need to think about a health problem, that you need treatment", citations Mediano.

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