Tuesday , May 18 2021

"Softys": CMPC operates a name for its one hundred subsidiary in eight countries

CMPC companies communicated with the name Softys, to all the appointments of its affiliated subsidiaries Hygiene and healthcare products in eight countries that maintain operations industry and trade

Up to now, past purchases of companies have emerged as a result of a purchasing process for companies in several countries, such as Papelera del Plata (Argentina), Protisa (Peru), Absormex (Mexico) and CMPC. Improvements (Brazil).

Filial name reconciliation, the reorganization of the corporate administration of this business and the importance of Softy's in the markets, where it maintains its presence and consolidates itself as the first operator in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay. , and the second largest actor in the whole region.

"The measure is part of the CMPC's total growth plan in the field of hygiene and sanitary paper and products, including the inauguration of a new Peruvian plant, to build a new Argentinian line of business and development plans in high-potential markets such as Mexico and In Brazil, "said CMPC, Managing Director of Francisco Ruiz-Tagle.

According to executives, this plan has been implemented to strengthen the whole structure of the subsidiary Softys. "With the increase, the consolidation of the management team and the provision of sufficient autonomous space were always necessary in order to respond quickly and creatively to the challenges facing the corporate guidelines," explains Ruiz-Tagle.

On the other hand, the name of Softys CEO, Gonzalo Darraidou, implies "consolidating strategies to improve the distinctive features of this business: a commercial, massive and highly focused target for the consumer's needs, in which case the name or image is modified only by Softys- The 40-year experience that reflects CMPC is the result of the company, but to face new challenges in today's different markets ".

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