Wednesday , January 26 2022

Solar energy will exceed gas and it will be the third source of electricity generation in Chile


This year alone, 55 new photovoltaic energy will start their operation in the country, being the most dynamic source created in 2019. However, this is not the only milestone that will be achieved by this technology: besides, the third largest participation will be the electric market, which will be ideal for overcoming conventional energy: natural gas.

The National Electric Coordinator (CEN) has undergone a yearly modeling of hydrologic (based on climate forecasts), which will be the main source of electricity production next year. 40.4% stake, and then water plants will have a second and have a share of 30.2%. However, the biggest changes are: solar energy, 9.4% and 7.345 GWh, the third generation to be generated in 2019. The historical phenomenon is located for the first time in the position of the Unstable Renewable Energy (ERNC).

In 2018, the third location reached natural gas by 14.8%, while solar production was 7%. This year, it will have a decrease of 8.6% and solar energy will increase by 9.4%.

According to the energy minister, Susana Jimenez is a good news because it is clean, low and efficient energy.

"It's very positive to get out of a clean, safe, and low-energy source of energy from a source of energy, such as adding the sun into our electrical matrix," he said, adding lower costs and investment costs – including short development times- "this technology they allow us to become more competitive in our market ".

"This is very important because it allows investors to see the competitive market in our country, without distortions and the development of renewable energy projects," said Jimenez.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Chilean Association of Energy Renewables (Acera) valued the country's solar energy growth. "The future development of Chilean electricity generation will be completely renewable, as well as the cost of the latest advantages, as well as the need to reduce CO2 emissions and local pollutants." , she assured her. However, he emphasized that "to prevent the growth of thermoelectric generator pollution, it is not necessary to increase the capacity of renewable energy facilities, but rather to expand the transmission system," he said. FINAT.

However, it should be taken into account that in 2018, gas was exported again in Argentina in our country, which could be a competitive gas price for the generation of electricity. However, in the short term there are no new plants that use this fuel.

The wind also grows. Continually leaving behind, wind power is more prevalent in the electrical system. In 2.26% in 2016 and 2.275 GWh in 2016, it went to 4.8% in 2017, with 3,552 GWh and 4.8% in 2018, 3,784 GWh. However, in the position of the Coordinator's hypothesis, in 2019, they will have a 6.3% stake, at 4,938 GWh. The previous year, 14 facilities will be developed and 813.8 MW of power will be available to the system. It is hoped that NCRE will continue to grow.

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