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Some Xiaomi Mi A1 are for 4G connection, upgrade to Android 9 Pie

What was supposed to be a good news was not entirely. Android 9 Pie update for Android Xiaomi Mi A1 He pulled out the inconvenience for some units.

We require reports from different users, some of these units smartphone they sleep There is no chance to connect to the 4G network in your country. This happens once the terminals have updated the latest version of the larger G operating system. Whenever they refer to the process through the OTA (Over-Air), that is, it automatically arrives, especially without doing anything except the section section software update.

In addition and additional mode, I personally have My A1. I downloaded and run Pie … and I also checked it without being 4G.

Certainly, they would have to face up to those questions that they suggest and suggest beta. And they have many reasons, though not all, that's right, and yet, the complications would always happen.

On the other hand, other people manifest who did not receive it update in its A1. It is supposed That's it Xiaomi itself would stop the distribution of the new Android variant. There is still no official confirmation for the moment about this one.

Only some of my A1s were damaged

However, if you are the owner of this equipment post You have not upgraded yet, so you will not have problems with 4G connectivity. This does not mean that you will upgrade to the version version as well software You will run out of LTE

We have repeated: reporting and emerging error in some units. It's not a common model and / or contact until now. But they are updated and have no problems.

Hopefully a new manufacturer will give us firmware It includes a solution to address this defective. We will be bored in the cases.

Thank you for contacting us and informing about your situation.

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