Friday , January 22 2021

Sony will make their own Nintendo Direct versions

Last November Sony has announced that there will be no direct talk about the current edition of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)Finishing tradition over 2 decades since the first PlayStation was launched.

In his statement, the company has made clear that "We are exploring new ways to attract our community 2019 ", so it was expected an institution where the Japanese would open the information from the console.

That day came, as Sony announced "Behavior"Instances to report all new features." This dynamics is similar to Nintendo and it "Direct"They show their ads on YouTube and their social networks.

This format is very convenient for companies because They do not have to wait in special cases like E3 and they did not have to spend large amounts of money in a large scenario, they only presented the corresponding videos.

This new way of disseminating content It could be the future of the video game industryAmong other things, such as E3, Tokyo Game, will compromise the execution of agreements, among other things, without organizing conferences.

First game version March 25 will be held on Monday, we will inform you of the new jewel of the new game directed by Hideo Kojima.

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