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Sony Xperia XZ3, review and analysis after 30 days

Xperia XZ2 said it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We have continued the design with Sony Xperia XZ3, since the terminal has been compact OLED technology On the screen. The Japanese manufacturer is not the fastest friend, and it's obvious that there is no double camera or notch & # 39; not being there But as we have seen in the analysis, the camera looks like the manufacturer of the best sensor in the market.

We passed months with Sony Xperia XZ3 and here we will tell you our experience. Does the OLED screen really offset? We have enough energy with 4GB of RAM and with Snapdragon 845? Is there a second sensor in the back camera? To answer these questions and to reflect on Sony's latest mobile phone we will reflect on the other major offices of the year.

Symmetric, curve and attractive design

After opting for Omnibalance, Sony hopes to jump at screen 18: 9 with smaller frames. New Ambient Flow design Leave behind straight lines and embrace the curve as its distinctive feature. In a market that looks like "full screen" designs, expected change. However, XZ2 had a major problem: its thickness. With Sony Xperia XZ3, fortunately, the design has been refined and we have a device with a much larger dimension than usual.

Although not in front of a light phone, Sony Xperia XZ3 is very convenient to operate. And indeed, this type of cortex is easier. We do not think that this is an ambitious measure, and finally Xperia XZ3 is a balanced terminal. This year, many brands have progressed a step ahead of & # 39; notch & # 39; With frame optimization, however, Sony has decided to gradually change it as usual. This has advantages and that is it It will convince a symmetrical design and almost all users. We tried other phones with more intense designs, but some are just as nice as Xperia XZ3.

Sony Xperia Xz3

Crystal is the main element. Get in touch with a great sensation and we've had a lot of peace this month due to the addition of Gorilla Glass 5. Everything is dressed in a simple and quite slippery way, but at the top there is only a small gap. When moving out of the cell phone, the flat surface moves on its own and there is room for improvement in Sony at this time. Another point to improve Xperia XZ3 is an oleophobic layer. Glass mobiles are generally emptied fingerprints in general, but in some models, less than this is highlighted. Fortunately, the back camera fits your fingertip well and does not make the stain easily, even if you put your fingers on it.

Sony Xperia XZ3 is a mobile phone. It reduces the crystals, it offers a great feeling and the curvature makes the flu much easier. It is slippery and the reader is not appropriate, but the final result is convincing.

There is also curved in the front. Sony decided to insert OLED panel with 3D curved glass, like on the sides. The voice is very light and does not disturb the view, but rather it helps It is also a recording of the terminal. It bends slightly above the table, but when the curvature is reduced, the discomfort used in the previous molds does not bother.

Ambient Display

As usual, Xperia XZ3 is resistant to water. We do not have to worry if our hands are wet or we use it in the rain. Of course, the USB port must be completely dry before charging and the enclosures must be closed. In fact, it is the one that has taken a lot of attention to the top cover. Xperia XZ3 nanoSIM and microSD slot at the top. Its mechanism also has advantages and disadvantages. This is good We do not need a typical accessory to get the SIM accessoryFor mobile phones. The negative part is when you open the cover, it requires a restarted mobile phone.

Fingerprint reader

What was my experience with Sony's fingerprint sensor? As usual, the Japanese manufacturer can not find the key in the reader's position. We did a little while and focused on the back of the Xperia, a couple of centimeters beneath the normal position. The first day has always failed, but after about a week you use it. It is not a natural attitude. With your finger on the mobile, it's just slip down. In my case, having smaller hands is not considered so natural for me. I am surprised when I return my personal mobile, Pixel 2 XL, my finger is smaller. du Xperia XZ3 manages this week to unlock the unconscious position.

On the contrary, the Xperia XZ3 face recognition is very basic. The front sensor is light enough and fast, but it's still behind the other phones.

Sony has adapted its design and we believe it has reached an important point of maturity with Xperia XZ3. There are always points of improvement, but under our experience, the design is genuine.

Has a new high-experience multimedia experience with OLED jumps

Sony Xperia Display

The main novelty of Sony Xperia XZ3 is the OLED display commitment and we believe it was a success. The change was definitely a good one, because the experience offered is very high. We are High rigor, HDR compatibility and perfect contrast. The maximum brightness is very high and does not particularly look on the sides.

The curvature creates a strange reflection and the automatic brightness is not very fine, but the OLED panel has the highest level and gives it a pleasant result.

Side curvatures contain side-by-side content. We only appreciate it little reflection on the edgeBut there is no obstacle in front. It's true that viewing Xperia XZ3 videos is very nice. I'm the supporters of the bigger panels, but I've had a lot of visibility with these weeks.

Sony allows you to choose the color and shade of the screen color. In my case, I feel more comfortable with Standard Triluminos, although in a professional, realistic way, it hides different shades to visit or visit social networks. I can not speak of the super living thing, I thought it was apparently so artificial that I did not try. Usually, Netflix does not use mobile phones because they are mobile, but some chapters have dropped and I think it's about the screen: This year I tried one of the best panel.

Sony Xperia Netflix

Regarding brightness, the maximum level is too high even though there is no IPS panel. However, usually we usually choose the manual Automatic brightness has made us some tricks. Have more than one thing and do not detect the proper level properly. However, glass is not just about any reflection, so we have had a good experience away.

Adding an OLED panel that adds to your flagship is the advantage and integration environmental screen. Sony gives us many options, add photos, change notifications, stickers, or clock appearance. We appreciate small experiences that do not hinder daily experience, but allow us to customize our mobile phone to our liking. In my case, I prefer a more minimalist display, but Sony adds this new option and therefore makes it with interesting settings.

Why do we say that Sony Xperia XZ3 is a good cell phone to play multimedia content? In essence, in addition to providing an excellent panel, it sounds great your height

Stereo speakers are not the strongest, but the fidelity seems very good. We do not have 3.5 mm hooks, but if there is no manufacturer, it is Bluetooth headset such as WH-1000XM3. Among other options of Xperia XZ3 is a vibration-based sound, although this trusted combination has not been found.

Although significant performance is only a direct autonomy

Xperia Usage

In fluidity and performance level, Sony Xperia XZ3 does not envy anything from any mobile device. It's true that RAM is only 4GB, but unless it's very difficult, it's not a problem. Sony's customization layer is very clear and one of them Experience is similar, looks and performance.

As usual, pure Android is the only pixel point, but Xperia XZ3, Android 9 Pie and Snapdragon 845 are nice. These days I also had another powerful phone, double RAM, and I definitely chose Sony when I decided to take it in the afternoon.

Another point that I would like to find on Xperia and Sony is re-storing the conservative. Only 64GB We have free 47GB, but not desirable. We have not pre-installed a lot of applications and some of the video applications or 3D Creator are extravagant, we're very pleased with Xperia Lounge. If we look at advertisements for advertising niche occasionally and occasionally, we did not find anything.

A small detail of uncomfortable software is the drawer of applications. It works like Google's origin and it can request the desired applications, but in the left field the search engine through the protected applications that bend experience. I have not missed the installed applications to go directly to the desktop. I never thought I would not lose it, but that was it. Yes, gestures to control one side are often valued, even though the fast-access side sensor did not occur.

RAM 4GB seems to be enough, although it lost a chance of 128 GB. The performance is excellent and the device is not heated. The software is also very clean, although we do not add a little bit of Sony.


Xperia XZ3's performance will convince most. All games are fluid and the sensation is superb. We have not noticed it is hot. But we have not had a good results in terms of autonomy, because they are superiors.

Larger terminals typically have a higher battery. In Xperia XZ2, we have improved with respect to the previous generation, but we still have a very reasonable autonomy. 3,300 mAh gives a day of great use, though At the end of the day it takes time. It fills in well and we get almost a five-hour display time, but you do not leave one of the mobile phones that you need to know, everything you do.

Savings modes are useful and we have a Qi wireless charging compatibility. This section of the battery is released a bit because the fast charge is missing. Accustomed to new technologies, Sony and almost 3 hours. Repeated model: Sony Xperia XZ3 is a very well built mobile device, but it is noteworthy that the Japanese manufacturer does not focus on R & D investment for mobile phones. And highlights stand out.

Sony has shut down, but it's still not the best mobile camera

Xperia Xz3 camera

Both eyes see more than one. Unlike Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, Xperia XZ3 maintains its commitment to the back camera. We would not be surprised if the Xperia manufacturer decides to enter the second lens in the future, but for now we do not have that. As I said, my partner, Javier, said that the Sony photo section has been significantly improved.

du Sony Xperia XZ3 rear camera is at a high level. It does not get the pixel's detail or it has many options like Huawei, but it's a flagship camera for 2018.

The Sony camera application is correct. Menus are simple and exceptions like HDR hidden in manual mode, the rest are easy to use. Yes, we have noticed a specific error, but in many other models, nothing happens. However, it is the most fun addition for the physical camera. It is different, its position is correct, easy and useful in many cases. Without breaking the minimalism of the design, the button is a distinctive touch.

19-megapixel Exmor RS Tri-stack house sensor with 1.22 μm pixel. In the previous Xperia we have already improved the camera and BIONZ processing with timidity. The result? In the right direction

Dsc 0294

The photos of the day are excellent. The dynamic value is good The colors are very successful and the details are high. In the photo preview, this detail is not so valued, but when we go to a gallery, the image is very accurate.

The focus is not faster, here we would like Xperia XZ3 to offer something better. In some cases, we have taken pictures of the defocused other movements have been defined.


"Back light" or "night scene" must be acknowledged. We do not have a nightlife, but the camera is in a good state of repair. Sony Xperia XZ3 has a conventional camera at night and offers it Bright tones and beautiful details in nightlife. In addition, it is a manual mode that allows us to play with ISO and define the image in the most difficult scenes.

Dsc 0324
Figure 2

Types of photos taken Exposure is lacking. HDR mode does not exist, and there is not much change in application and maintenance. The hue gradation is quite correct, but it does not increase the brightness of the picture, and the lights that you would prefer.

Dsc 0212

The most interesting thing that I found was the prediction capture, it makes different images and keeps one. It's not a great space, but it's better to get a better shot. We also added reality modes, Google Lens, filters and sounds with photos. They are extra jewelry, but in any cell, we can achieve similar effects by downloading third-party applications.


You will notice the absence of a second camera in the incoming mode. In order to obtain a popular bokeh effect, two photographs will be taken based on two different areas. The result can vary depending on the intensity, but the accuracy is unmatched. Many areas are cut, areas are not properly identified and a solution is missing, although AI offers a good portrait. Or, the next year, the second camera on the Premium camera jumps or should be greatly improved.


With regard to the front camera, Sony Xperia XZ3 is a great success. The acquired driving schools are in full detail, the colors are good and the dynamics are excellent. In the dark scenery, the front camera does not suffer so much. It is surprising that in this section the cameras are going down.

Selfie Photo

du Video recording is one of your strengths. Stabilization is good, we can record 4K HDR, and the focus, although somewhat random, is also accurate. Apart from that, Good sound recording highlights. Concerts for a mobile phone. Regarding the slow camera, Xperia XZ3 can reach 1080p to 960fps. It is the only one who does it, though it is not a distinguishing feature. Control is somewhat difficult and you have to guess correctly, but it allows you to create extravagant videos.

We've got photos we've been enjoying along with Sony Xperia XZ3 and they're very conventional and overnight. There's no better way of talking in portrait mode and approaching may be something faster, but it's not a camera that's far away from the 5's. This year's competition is very similar and although Sony has not yet made a real jump, the Xperia XZ3 camera is very decent.

One month with Sony Xperia XZ3

Sony photography

I'm very happy with Sony Xperia XZ3. It's one of the most mobile phones, which analysts find it difficult to return later. It's a very mobile phone with a very delicious design. The curvature makes it easy to handle and the size is correct. I use it for larger phones, but for most users, it's a pretty six inch.

Sony has a compact enough mobile phone for convenience and even better optimization, it's a nice and conventional design. & # 39; Notch & # 39; Without it, the curvature is attractive and with a great sense of hands. It's nonslip, and it's not as unique as the previous layout, though Sony Xperia XZ3 feels very much in your hands. Even though I used a smaller fingerprint reader, probably because my hands are smaller.

Switching to the OLED screen is that Sony has had to fight against it. Sony's multimedia section is a powerful point and they continue to defend their position with the new panel. If we add this wonderful sound, we have a mobile phone, and we have played more content than we thought. Performance is also very good and that's it It's just a shame that it's something of autonomy. Right but not the most convincing. And, indeed, they are often small points, to put aside the balance.

Sony goes to its own pace, but with Xperia XZ3 it has a good product and offers a great deal of experience. The OLED screen is excellent, the sound is very good, the camera has improved and facilitates the software. It is not the highest end range, but it is one of the most recent Sony mobile phones.

There has been a breakthrough in the photo sections with the best results of some moments and the excellent video, but also the details of the focus speed, sub-concept or portrait mode. Sony continues to be the highest level of expectation in 2018, but has not yet made much jump To fight for the best camera on the market.

If it was a Sony Xperia XZ2 version 1.0, XZ3 is a technology that is well-known in the second generation. This 2018 has led to a lot of changes in the mobile high-end sector, and perhaps that's why Sony and its conservative philosophy have been good at working. A level of maturity and a balance-capable terminal may decide to risk something else next year. It's not the newest or the best quality / price, but I think we've seen this Xperia XZ3 for years. It must be overwhelming that it be in the world of mobile technologies.

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