Monday , November 18 2019
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Soteldo bluesa remained in a company to renovate

Yeferson Soteld and the University of Chilean television series could eventually end up being part of the Venezuelan formula after the agreement between the parties, to be part of the Frank Darío Kudelka team.

Huachipato, owner of the "Chamo" card, offered Azul Azul new opportunities so that the boys could continue their career.

For a new year of $ 400 thousand, or in another option, the installment payments must account for 50% of the player's passport, which should exceed $ 2 million.

Blue Blue remained unanswered, even though it is still borrowed almost "2019", it would close for the 2019 business.

Together with the Kudelka team, the Argentinian national power station demanded by the bus would almost be excluded from the first place.

Cristen Lema, in order to avoid the possibility of Benfica, would be a card, made by Carlos Quintana.

In this way, along with the arrival of Nicolás Oroz and Jimmy Martínez, Jonathan Zacarias will help them seek out a loan club.

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