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Spanish press: "This was Arturo Vidal, Barça" sport

Arturo Vidal A great time in Spain. Following in the start of Barcelona, ​​apart from the second match,He was a Chilean figure of his team against the PSV Champions League.

So, at least, he stressed the Hispanic press, he only made praise for the national midfielder.

"This is Arturo Vidal. He has once again shown that he is at the level of a player at the moment Barça. The helicopter acts like others and does not give the team. arrival. In the end, he found his role Paulinho Last year, even more techniques. There was not a miracle marked, because two auctions were taken under the stick. Certainly Arturo del Bayern and Juve. It can be a player decisive This season, "Marce said.

On the other hand, Mundo Deportivo emphasized "The first part is the player with the greatest risk. He finished three times and was overtaken by both of them, but when both players hit the ball, the Chilean player already sang. He fought and regained the infinite ball.

Eventually, Sport said that the midfielder of Creole stood out, "but he also showed a lot of tone and covered many holes. He does not control a soccer player, but wants to know how he plays in open fighting".

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