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Spence, my staff, stops the economy for the dismissal of more than 50 workers

Promoting 49 employees and 8 caregivers motivated this Wednesday Spence's cave mine job suspension.

According to BioBioChile, the union of the mining company Ronald Salcedo has reported rumors in the morning and received the company's warning without specifying the names of the affected people.

"Now, in the morning, we know some names calling our office. We're here, avoid pre-signing papers, at least as much as possible," he said.

"According to the article 184 bis of the Labor Code, we want to stop it completely, related to health and safety risks," he added.

Reasons given by the company

Workers believe they are trying to illuminate the reasons for the dismissals because they do not have an explanation of the mining company's communication. according to an argument of an optimization plan.

"The company has made its decision in accordance with its operational status, according to the resources required to carry out its processes and their production activities in a safe and sustainable manner," said the company.

Faced with this, Salcedo described the measure as unnecessary. "In the last year, it was a huge amount of money, the company achieved its goals with excellent fanfare. The 50 employees have nothing to do with needles," he recalled.

In the end, the leader of the Union has said it is time to spend hours evaluating the situation in a more complete way. At this time they do not exclude legal action.

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