Monday , January 18 2021


Sports Temuco had to deal much more with the planned release of Fernández Vial on Saturday Chile Cup in the first phase. He has won the definition of "Pije" after 2-2 in a regular penalty line.

In the first half Fernandez Vial scored a great goal. Carlos Vásquez, in the fourth minute, made a 40-meter shot everyone was surprised and given the advantage to the local team.

After finishing his goal, Vial continued to manage the game and had several options to increase the numbers, but the front of the "aurinegro" box was not fine. Third Ako equipment did not show a different category.

But when the first part is hidden, Bryan Taiva appeared in the 42nd minute to get the equalizer who was thrown close to the point of a punishment by the visiting team, because Pablo Soto Soto had no choice.

In the second phase, the control of the Temuco ball was much more and there was a couple of options that could not be determined with more advanced lines.

In the minute 65, Minias Muñoz Fernández Vial was eliminated A disturbed situation was attacked by a player from Temuco, where he was also asked for an exit from one of Hugo Vilches.

Temuco wanted to take advantage of this situation and left the attack, but Soto was unable to win He had great interventions to draw in Concepción.

In one of these attacks, the local group took advantage of great stops to create a large counter scored the second goal.

"Orri" Guillermo Orellana is a shot that can not be controlled by the goalkeeper Franco Ortega took advantage (80 & # 39;).

Victory for the video seems. Jonathan Requena got a free kick in Temuco in the 92th minute and with this definition, the commitment to increase penalties.

That was it First team B became stronger and won 3-2Rounding up in round Chile round.

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