Saturday , January 28 2023

SQM profits were $ 330 million between January and September


The registered winners of SQM show a sharp decline of 2017 figures this year.

In this regard, in the third quarter, it reported revenues of 83.5 million dollars, a 26% decrease compared to the same period of last year.

"In 2017, we announced a significant expansion of lithium around Antofagasta, and it would increase our capacity almost 50%. This project, with our complete restoration of facilities and in the short term and small investment," said SQM CEO Patricio de Solminihac a Pulso.

To do this, he added, "As previously announced, the fully renovated plants have been running more challenging than expected, that is, It has resulted in the production of high-quality lithium in the third quarter, which is the result of our sales ".

The income from non-metal mining companies was 543.2 million dollars, which was a drop of 2.8% of 558.7 million dollars in relation to the same period of the previous year. De Solminihac said data from the fourth quarter was very similar.

By the third quarter, the profits that Julio Ponce Lerou has controlled are still $ 331 million between January and September, and compares positively to $ 317 million in 2017.

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