Wednesday , January 26 2022

Star Wars, Avatar or Dragon Ball inspired four truly-fan-made creative creations


The unparalleled freedom it offers camera mode Super Smash Bros. We add the infinite combinations of Ultimate fighter Mii's editors. As a result, the chance is genuine pain for most creative. In fact, here are some interesting examples of the sea.

Maybe you're passionate Star Wars, but it's likely that you have not watched movies. For practical projects, the battle of Mustafar is one of the most iconic and iconic shows on the internet: two Jedi deaths are being fought III. Chapter: The revenge of Sith.

The fate of the founder of Skywalker's family has overcome the fight beyond the galactic saga and enter into a way to sneak into Super Smash Bros. more than once At first we saw some scenes DjFrog909 tweet as you will see below.


But it's really impressive when Imgur had the idea of ​​Zaptagious, he created his Mii Jedi and created a comic with the whole scene. There's not something for a while.


In comparative mode, here you can see the original sequence.

Avatar: Ai Mii legend

Although more work has been done, the same devotion to original material has been recreated from the Smash Grada channel to the animation section. Avatar: Aang legend Mii fighters and extraordinary guests.

Once again, we offer you the video with the original sequence, adding an additional set.

Other tributes to Smash Bros, which go unnoticed

Since its beginnings, Nintendero's cross has sparked the imagination of fans and fans from all over the world. And before seeing the animated opening of the Nickelodeon series, it's time to watch now Dragon Ball Super A major change in hand-drawn: instead of dragon warriors instead of Smash Brothers.

In the end, we will finish the review with a professional artist. All creations are, of course, great work, but that's it Raf GrassettiOne of the leaders of the art of God of War is the initiative of rehabilitation of the fighters.

Right now, you can see upgraded parties Link, Samus, Fox and Bowser. And we clearly are not finally.


In fact, we think another is blue and red shoes. And it seems likely to be like awaited movie.


It's currently one month after it's launched Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and had a warm reception: three million copies in three days and Nintendo's biggest hit in Europe. And we do not exclude it from the trace of it.

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