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Steel Nerves: Sports were praised after Ederson's praise

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It was a tough and amazing game in front of the duel Manchester City and Southampton They are fighting for the twentieth day of the Premier League.

He was a protagonist Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson, whose clock marked the 29 minute of the game with the steel nerves and the heart of a warrior.

The reason? simple The "Citizens" made a gesture in their mouthsIn addition to hoping to hear the traces of "City", it can be done in a bad way.

Thus, at least, it reveals how the goalkeeper with the help of a small goalkeeper picked up a powerful pass from one of his teammates, It must place an accurate and dangerous hook to deal with the striker to eliminate the striker.

As expected, this movement was confused in social networks around the world, when users emphasized their ability to respond to high-risk situations in South America.

Check the dangerous exit for the finish line:

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