Saturday , January 29 2022

Super fast food: 800-hour customers will go to a new location in Independencia


The Chain chain at McDonald's opened 84 restaurants from 84 countries, located in the neighborhood of the Mall Barrio Independencia food court, with a surface area of ​​140 square meters and a capacity of 800 customers per hour.

The new McDonald's restaurant has the "Made for you" platform (Made), each order gives at least a few seconds of preparation, which is done at the time and only by the consumer components selected. At the same time, it will have the Dual Point mode, which differentiates the order point and payment of the order, where the customer receives their products. In addition, it automates delivery to customers by ordering a single number, streamlining and rationalizing each transaction at the same time.

When opening this place, the food company continues its transformation plan in 2017 New premises, innovative training and platforms both in kitchens and in service, to send customer orders.

"The opening of this new restaurant is an excellent end to McDonald's, which has confirmed its commitment to continue investing, creating more jobs and offering our customers the best products and experiences to continue our work," he said. Carlos González, McDonald's Chilean.

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