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Super Meat Boy and SOMA PC can be downloaded for a limited time

Games can be downloaded from the Epic Games Store and GOG.

Free games alert! This time, we've been given the Epic Games Store and GOG Super Meat Boy and SOMA In PC version.

Starting with Super Meat Boy, the game developed by Team Har can be downloaded from the Epic Games Store today, from December 28 to January 10.

Remember that when the Epic Games store was launched, it was announced that they would offer free play for two weeks, to access the Super Meat Boy product website, add it to the basket and add the collection to the process.

Super Meat Boy is a tough platform like a high platform, which tries to create a dummy flesh of a meat that you can take with your girlfriend (who made it).

Our sharp heroes will jump through the walls, over the circular saws, over the dry caves and used needles. He will sacrifice his welfare to save his friendship. Super Meat Boyes MES 2, Ghost and Goblins and Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japanese) retrieves the difficulty with the heading NES, and facilitates the essence, as a platform game that needs to move forward as mad as our reflexes to the point.


And when it goes to SOMA, the promotion takes less time, and will be available only until Sunday, December 30.

You can download the free SOMA for your computer to the GOG home page, and the button titled exchange button developed by Frictional Games will be displayed soon.

SOMA is a video game of horror and science games, Frictional Games, Amnesia creators: The Dark Descent. It's a disturbing story about personality, conscience, and human being.

The radio does not work, food is scarce and the machines are beginning to believe that people are. Installations that are immersed in PATHOS-II have undergone a massive isolation and difficult decisions. What to do Makes sense What is left struggling?

So, if you have not yet had two sets of these collections to get the best time and eventually give it a chance.

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