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Super Metroid is a hidden (very well) love statement


Super Metroid One of the main titles of the Super Nintendo catalog is for many reasons. However, Zebes is also among the many dangers that are hidden in the planet love note. Literally Even though it was almost impossible.

This is the author of this post Yasuhiko Fujii, Classic SNES metroidvania programmer, confessing to this romantic Easter Easter in a book published during the interview Shokunin Vol. 1 In 2007 and recently recovered and returned.

The content of the version, as described in GameXplain, is just two words that appear on the screen without being aware of the players themselves or Nintendo: Keiko Love!Keiko Fujii, a young couple.

Fujii himself says that these words drew the two Evir on the air, flying enemies in the fight against Daygon.

Fujii02 Taken together with original publishing, including the dance of the enemy

However, it's best to whisper to Keiko's great detail: he could not see how he worked for a short time, he programmed the declaration of love during the development. Let's be hidden!

Actually, before Draygon's fight against Maridae's boss, there is a group of Evirians who perform "dance". His movements include letters in one English phrase: "Keiko Love"! Keiko was the name of a girl I was at that time.

I was busy all the time and I did not see much, at night, while everyone was sleeping, I stole for a moment and added that code!

This little dance, Evir, was not written in documentation documents or in any way, so I recall that knowing my heart was a thousand-hour encoding. But, in the end, no one found it. Now is not a romantic story? (Laughter)

The result? In summary, you can verify at 2:10:00 in the next extension. Okay, the flight of these enemies was never too normal. And now, why are we?

It is clear that they are more romantic ways to show self love, but, of course, it is very complex in a subtle way.

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