Sunday , May 9 2021

Suspicious cases of bubonic plague in Rio de Janeiro | People

The health authorities of Rio de Janeiro are investigating the suspicion of a Brazilian bubonic plague on Saturday, almost 30 years after registering a case.

At the hospital of Luiz Palmier, in Sao Gonzalo, Gran Rio, a hospital admitted from Thursday to Friday, he has confirmed his concern.

According to the communication provided by the Sao Borja Municipal Health Department, the patient does not appear to have a clinical characteristic of the disease. However, the heads of the bubonic plague were identified in preliminary tests.

According to the note, the materials contained in the study were sent by Noel Nutels Central Laboratory (Lacen), the State Government and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz).

The results of the examinations will be announced in the following days, depending on the source.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Alexandre Chiepp, indicates that the brain's plague has a high level of healing when treated early.

"The pest control started, that is, it is not complicated, it's just the use of an antibiotic," he said.

He explained that there is no danger of the spread of the epidemic because it is a disease-controlled whole in the country.

People should be confronted with caution in this case. It may be Sosak. In principle, the patient does not meet the criteria for defining pests, "he said.

Blackbird, also known as black plague, is a disease that transmits bacteria present in rodents.

The contaminated animal is infected and then human beings bite transmissions. The last recorded case in Brazil was in Cear√° state (northeast) in 2005.

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