Monday , October 18 2021

Sven Von Appen said that on the day of CNN Chile, Bachelet had a small investment "we are looking for a new Pinochet"


In a voltage environment Temporary paralyzing workers of the Pacific Pacific Terminal (TPS)., In Valparaíso

Workers have been demobilized for more than 30 days and the demonstrations have been radicalized last week. Precarious employment conditions have been reported, work is done alternately, and work will end at eight hours. For this reason, they do not include compensation, remuneration, paid wages, etc.

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On the other hand, the concessionaire, who controls it Von Appen teamIt maintains a position that is not in collective bargaining and therefore it is not appropriate to speak in a "conflict job".

After the conflict, the expressions made by the port manager are revived Sven Von Appenwho told him CNN Chile In the presidential election of 2013, Michelle Bachelet had a small investment in his second government "We are looking for a new Pinochet".

"He did not do much to the front, especially in front of Pinochet"He said after the vote.

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That same year, the statement made to La Segunda, commented on the country's economic progress, and stated: "This minister (Felipe Larraín, the Treasury Director), the president (Piñera) and others created this breakthrough in Chile, which was very special, and in the past he was very happy with the president (mentioned by Pinochet)".

Then he added in Chile "Hunger has grown so much that they can not stop. They will gain weight and make them more comfortable", Refer to social demands.

"The only solution is the crisis, international or Chilean, with financial status ", businessman punished.

Following these statements, The Von Appen family publicly apologized and said that these sentences did not reflect their values ​​and ideas, nor the Ultramar team. At the same time, the employer suffers "Typical typology of the elderly.

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