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Swiss scientists identify a drug capable of preventing metastasis formation – Technology and Science

Swiss scientists identify a drug that can prevent metastasis formation

The next step of the research will be to conduct clinical treatment with breast cancer patients.

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It was identified by a Swiss scientist group Drug that can prevent the formation of metastasis, According to a study published in the Scientific magazine.

Molecular Biology Molecular Biology, Basel University, Switzerland, the team of computational biologists and heads of the University of Basel Clinic.

Directed by Nicola Aceto, the biomedicine department, the university, would be an important advancement for people diagnosed with cancer. that's why It is believed that more than 90% of deaths with cancer are developed in metastasis, that patients are incurable.

It causes the spread of malignant cancer cells, thus preventing the ability to metastasize.

The circulatory cell tumor (CTC) is the cause of the development of metastasis after leaving the first tumor that enters the bloodstream. In patients, CTCs are found in the blood as a cell or individual cell group.

The goal is a different cell group

Researchers believe that the formation of CTC groups causes epigenetic changes that facilitate the formation of metastases. These changes They can mimic some properties of the Amber Cell embryo, including their ability to increase and maintain tissue development capacities. Scientists have shown that these epigenetic changes are reversible after CTC disintegration.

The scientific group tested 2,486 compounds Other instructions, and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In this way, drug groups have been found to be capable of inhibiting the separation of CTC groups. The CTCs produced by the drugs make the solution into a single cell, creates epigenetic regrowth and thus prevents the formation of metastasis.

The research will go to the next stage. "We try to act differently from standard approaches and we try to identify drugs that do not kill cancer cells, but we just decomposed them. We are already working on the next step to conduct a clinical trial of breast cancer patients"said Nicola Aceto.


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