Monday , May 29 2023

T-shirt and artwork signed by Vidal: Objects Removed Telethon | telethon


Marlon Parra, a tattoo artist, announced on Thursday that he will give a Tatooch of End of the Year Award for Solidarity, which adds long list of objects distributed to this event.

The tattoo will be held on Sunday at the Tatto Week stand in Santiago, which is being held at Estación Mapocho.

Among the available objects, this is: Original Barcelona costume, signed by Arturo Vidal, Colombian group Piso 21, Libertadores Final football 2018, T-shirts for Chilean soccer jersey 50 shirts, among them Colo Colo, University of Chile, Audax, among others, autographed by all players.

Romeo Santos, Marc Anthony, the Chilean Football Group and a group of Chilean teleporters dolls have also been added. Former footballer He helped Marcelo Salas with a T-shirt signed by yourself He donated Marcelo Díaz footwear football signed

In addition, the Chilean artist Totoy Zamudio took this reason, helping him with a robotic vacuum cleaner.

The Teleton Art Workshop also collaborated on the art of solidarity auction Starts Friday at 7:00 p.m. and ends on Saturday at 11:00 p.m.

Last year, auctions started collecting $ 31,325,000 million, so this year is expected to exceed that number. Remember that all funds with the help of more than 30,000 patients are being watched by Telethon.

The price of the auction will be $ 50,000 less, however, it does not come with all that number. The auction will be available on the web tomorrow

How to participate?

From 7:00 pm, there will be a special page where all objects will be. Each person wishing to be auction will have to register and give this amount, but whoever receives the object will be the person who received the most amount, until Saturday, at 23:00 p.m.