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Tallis: Sexual sect directed by Tito Fernandez has worked


In September last year there were many allegations sexual abuse against the singer Tito Fernández, "El Temucano", who directed them in the context of a spiritual sect directed by him.

As detailed in a broad report Clinic, the sect was called "Tallis," and meetings were held at the Comprehensive Learning Center at the Metaphysical Studies Center.

After participating in the first workshops, women contacted secret societies "Tallis", "El Temucano" to provide sexual services. "with the aim of being able to clarify the world".

"They gave me the job to give me my sexual teaching, I remember that I felt a terrible cold in my body, but I could not prove it: it was a teacher!", The Victim tells them, then write to this secret meeting by email.

Tito Fernandez, who spoke on his own, saw them as touching and wise, as he was always attentive. "He told me that he would turn the candle on and I would be fine, I loved it a lot, like my dad, as my teacher, I understood what had happened to the spiritual sacrifice and then it became my Tata, my father was missing," added this woman.

Slow to Army Toesca

Within "Tallis", women were called to a great meeting at the request of Fernandez, when they had to wear skirts. There, he made them Initial rituals touched the pieces that were shared with a sword.

When the activity was over, the musicians personally contacted a meeting A boy on the Army Toesca streetIn the end, "energy transfer" would end.

"I wanted to, because I was a dancer, my clothes came in a sexy way and I did not get out, I could not act, and raped me, they did not care, nor my dear gesture." We were slaves of sex, nothing else, "he tells other victims.

Women had to keep up seven encounter sex with him to unite the "blue string", Fernandez began the concept of the victim.

"I doubted if I had any doubt, or if the old man was bad and pale." During the fourth period I said, with great respect, that I did not like it, that I did not fulfill my commitment. He responded that this meeting had to happen, since we were there, it was the fourth time that was the most important, because it was sealed with blue cable syndicate, "added the third victim in this report.

Threats and denial

2010 abuses were reported, according to the report. Today, threats to victims continue to be. When they were informed, the circles of Fernando began to pardon women, they said. Although one of them lasted in the last few weeks with the Pope's face painted with black magic.

According to the clinic, the singer's lawyer, Juan Carlos Sepúlveda, said "My customer at this time does not respond to the case questions".

When claims were heard, Fernandez himself said: "I do not have the slightest idea, because that's not the case, I can not think it, I know very little about the people involved.

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