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Tax regulations and small discounts affect Falabella's results

Earnings fell by 11% In 2018, however, online sales to the store were $ 998 million.

The retail company, Falabella Solar Company, held its market on Wednesday, after reporting results in 2018. Changes in lower Chilean consumption decreased and the application of new accounting criteria in Argentina.

In the fourth quarter, the changes in the accounting accounting of Argentine Argentine IAS 29 had a strong impact, as well as a weak Chilean consumer environment and the non-recurring costs associated with the Bank Falabella CMR.

Thus, the consolidated profit amounted to 231 million dollars, an 11.1% decrease with respect to the same period. Without the effect of setting the Argentine standard, the net profit was 249 million dollars.

However, the company emphasized the performance of online business sales. The volume of operations in the company's areas (Total, Tottus and Sodimac among other brands) was $ 988 million.

"This is the line of retail sales (large stores, home improvement and supermarkets) and the net negotiated Linio, which was 861 million and 126 million dollars during the year, respectively", the company said.

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