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TC denounces the historical force of 700 MHz bandwidth

Yesterday, the Constitutional Court rejected the process of inapplicability, which resulted in the decision of the Supreme Court entered into the proceeding for 700 MHz, which was equivalent to the one awarded at the end of the consultation, before the Telecommunications Subcommittee decided to change the limit of 60 MHz to the TDLC Tribunal for Free Competition.

But the origin of the conflict occurred earlier. In 2014, Conadecus submitted a query, and then asking for the exploitation of spectrum defects by the three major telephone companies (Entel, Movistar and Claro). TDLC dismissed the corporation's action, but the Supreme Court dismissed the court's decision and finally the judge had to write a sentence.

Specifically, the appeal of the Supreme Court and the decision of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court of Conadecus is the ruling of the Supreme Court. Claro, Entel and Telefónica will request the return of the spectrum.

Entel, represented by Cristóbal Eyzaguirre, demanded a stay of the process in the Supreme Court's appeal, and Movistar -defendered by Javier Velozo- was not only asked, but also to stop the final trial of the consumer corporation. Both tribunals accepted the Constitutional Court as a whole.

It is noteworthy that Subtel's "non-renewal of the Constitutional Court solely suspended the Entel, Claro and Movistar companies to execute the Irradiation expedition or retrieve it for the judges Entel, Claro and Movistar. The above does not violate the question of the National Subthelmatic Plan in the National Defense Consultation"

A few days ago, Claro joined together, asking them to participate in the same conditions, and finally, in the economic process, the two processes would be stacked up in the next few days. Business outlook is even better, if the procedure is unacceptable, the paralysis of the spectrum detachment process would be at least eight months, it was commented on by companies.

For its part, Conadecus, advocated by Mario Bravo and Cristian Reyes, at the end of this edition, still decided to participate in the Constitutional Court process.

As opposed to the corporation, it will send an opposition against participation in a partial process and prohibit the withdrawal of Entel and Movistar resources. The sources of inquiry have said that TCN and the Supreme Court will be a debate.

Entel and Movistar asked the TC to revoke the application of article 27 of Decree Law 211, contrary to article 19 of the Constitution, to refrain from legal defense of its right, sentence.

"Criminal equality in the face of the law of the law, when those who participate in the entry into force of the TDLC trial prevent the resolution of the resolution ruling on the original court or local hierarchy," said Movistar.

Entel warning

Entel said "it would be an immediate and net implementation of the obligation to comply with the telecommunication system for Chileans and consumers, since it is beyond the particular interest of Entel's or other mobile companies."

According to the company Almendral Group (related to Hurtado Vicuña and Matte family), "the spectrum is the introduction of millions of data that daily Chilean consumers alike".

"At present, Entel has been assigned, and is effectively used, to 150 MHz mobile concessions, Claro has 115 MHz and Telefonica is 115 MHz. The WOM is 60 MHz and the VTR is 30 MHz (VTR does not it uses its spectrum) ". Entel at the request of the Constitutional Court.

"Thus, Entel, Claro and Telefónica, immediately and in a single way, gained a spectrum of more than 60MHz to 700, Chilean consumers should have a smaller part of their current capability, and in limited terms, the Santiago Metro would be left in most of the night-time lines The result would be very serious, "the company warned.

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