Wednesday , January 26 2022

TC welcomes the claim made by Chile Vamos and universities can not use the National Solidarity Fund for national use


Wednesday afternoon Constitutional Court (TC) was approved by the Chilean parliamentary request for constitutionality. We are referring to the use of the surplus of the coefficient of university coefficient constituted by the Rector Council.

Specifically, TC declares the Constitutional, the excess money from the Funds Association, which is used for other purposes than financial instruments.

Therefore, they can not be used for infrastructure discussion Gratuity created deficit They are aimed at higher education institutions.

Likewise, the pro-government parliaments submitted by the CT sought to reserve the Carabineros fund approved by the Budget Management approved by the Budget Law of last year's Budget.

Regarding these last ones, TC declared the unconstitutional one The Congress eliminated these resources through the Budget LawTherefore, they will not be automatically replaced, but the Government must make a brief law.

We declare the approval of Chilean parliamentary candidates, Minister Juan Jose Romero, Iván Aróstica, Minister Maria Luisa Brahm, and ministers Cristian Letelier, José Ignacio Vásquez and Miguel Ángel Fernández.

While they are They considered the Constitution In terms of the National Congress, Gonzalo García, Domingo Hernández and Nelson Pozo, ministers María Pía Silva also attended.

TC has reported that it will read the ruling on January 22 and report cases of trial.

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