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TDLC's former president presents a report, Wastepaperek coerced hundred collusion with the Swedish


Yesterday night, SCA (now Essity), the Supreme Court decided to collect $ 18 million exemption from the US and CMPC from the Supreme Court – Matte Group's forest and role – to allocate market share quotas and to determine the price of textile products for sale, at least between 2000 Until 2011

Former President of the Tomas Menchakaren Defense Court (TDLC), on the request of SCA, and CMPC ordered the SCA to have the force, so he had to abolish his rights. all benefits

"The events indicated in the ruling – CMPC Tissue could have eliminated threats from being marketed by SCA – we can say that it meets all the requirements to report the loss of CMPC's alleged corruption allegedly." In the Supreme Court case, the document appears in the public file.

The lawyer's report is a case of breach. It was not only before the document was submitted a few hours ago, when the arguments were made in the Third Chamber of the morning court, but also the same jurist was dismissed in the TDLC case. The reason? Professional service lawyers gave him hundreds of paper sector companies, a company related to the FPC Tissue – Izquierdo family, and the lawyerFormer CEO of Fernando Menchaca PISA, brother of the TDLC conviction.

"The benefits of compensated compromise must be serious and credible, which is why it has the ability to face threats, which does not have sufficient power in the market," he says. In this sense, threats to market CMPC against SCA "would not have to participate in any way" would be obliged to participate "in clearing the consistent consistency of our legal system to compensate payments", said the report.

But it is not the first time it refers to the case of Menchaka. In January, after making mistakes in the TDLC academy, PULSO said that "(TDLC), due to a condition that was forced to resist irresistible physical or psychological violence, seemed to be somewhat overwhelming, if violence had occurred, nature would not be an agreement, it would not be be convinced. "

Conadecus, an outside lawyer and member of the Bravo studio, Cristián Reyes, said the report was "incomprehensible". "TDLC unanimously admitted that the FNE had signed and executed the CMPC and SCA anti-coup bargaining agreements, from the year 2000 to allocating market share quotas and establishing the sales price of textile products in 2000, at least until December 2011," he said.

He also explained that "a court-judge calculated that he was accused of any of these companies, had to vote against him or at least prevent him".

SCA Chile defense José Ugarte Ried & Correa is a partner lawyer.

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