Monday , June 5 2023

Telethon 2018 auctioned expensive and cheap object. | notes


Auctions become classics telethon, therefore, celebrities from all areas donate online auction objects.

These are the gifts that will be available this year Original Barcelona costume, signed by Arturo Vidal, Autographed Colombian group 21, the 2018 Copa Libertadores final football and the T-shirt of Chile's 50 soccer jersey shirts autographed.

The initial prices between auctions of 25 thousand and 100 thousand pesos, however, are some items that are in the initial position It's a million pesos.

Hernán Valdovinos, Mario Paublo, Tere Ortuzar, Hernán Paravic, among others, are made up of works by artists.

The pieces were created with different techniques, such as acrylic canvas, tired paper, oil hints, paper and digital engraving, among other things.


In the meantime, the cheapest are T-shirts of around $ 25,000 and Mario Kreutzberger's autobiography Who am i (1988), only 30 thousand pesos.


It was held in auction in 2017 $ 31,325,000 million, so this year is expected to exceed that number. It should be noted that all funds will receive more than 30,000 patients every year in Telethon.

The price of the auction will be $ 50,000 less, however, it does not come with all that number. The auction is available at

How to participate?

Each person wishing to be auction will have to register and provide this amount, but whoever receives the object will have the most amount of money received, until Saturday at 23:00 p.m., at the end of the auction.

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