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Tesla: Genius 100 years ago wanted to build a global wireless communication network

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Tesla Tower has promised to revolutionize world telecommunications.

Nikola Tesla has recently given her recent years of recognition in the last few years.

Nowadays Elon Musk's electric car makes his surname and gradually recognizes the story with the victories of his main competitors: Guglielmo Marconi and Thomas Alva Edison, who called for him Corruption War XIX. end of the century and twentieth century at the beginning of the century.

Edison has opted for the best method of transmission of electricity, while it hit Tesla alternating current, based on its patents.

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At the end of anger fight science, media and public relations, the alternate stream Tesla was the best way to distribute electricity.

They were the inventions of Tesla basic Nowadays, the operation of all types of electrical devices is possible.

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Nikola Tesla was born on July 9, 1856, and died today in Croatia and New York on January 7, 1943.

Throughout his life, Tesla saw how several times other inventors and entrepreneurs kept other credits – and money– He was it.

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One day, however, he carried out a boring project that led him to revolutionize remote communications In the world, and I would celebrate forever.

His idea was to create a system wireless transmission worldwide.

The project failed and Tesla was at the beginning of the debut, died on January 7, 1943, poor, sharp and Obsessive features

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However, 100 years later, his idea was today's premise internet and wifi networks.

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Tesla Tower was the premise on the Internet.

Energy race

Around 1900, Lehla competed for Lehola Guglielmo Marconi, who was the first to be successful in the transmission posts Across the Atlantic

Thus, in 1901, Tesla convinced the investor J.P. Morgan gave $ 150,000 to build a futuristic tower in New York's Long Island.

"When it's done, a businessman from New York will be able to provide and show up of the photo In London office or anywhere else, "wrote Tesla at the time.

Tesla's words seemed like a prophecy:

"It's a cheap tool, it's no bigger than any clock, anyone, at sea or on earth, in music and songs, talk of politicians, lecture or sermon on a science eminence, a priest talking anywhere far away ".

And it's better:

"Likewise, it can be any photo, character, drawing or print transferred from one place to another. These millions of tools can work from a single plant such as this. "

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The tower was a great Long Island laboratory in New York.

He knows sounds, right?

Tesla's plan was very attractive and he received the money he needed to build a wireless transmission tower Wardenclyffe, for the community being built. Later, the Tesla Tower would be discovered.

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His idea could be transmitted with high frequency signals without any threads, with what he already tried coil He invented many years ago.

Tesla convinced that he could transmit signals through the Earth's atmosphere, which did not create a communication system, but also a distribution system. power for the whole planet.

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Because of his contributions to science, Tesla only died and was ruined.

Tesla's plan seemed, but Marcelle suddenly picked up a blow in December 1901 to send a signal radiotelegraph In England and Canada, sponsored by Tesla Patents.

The Tesla project was so ambitious promising, but it has already been damaged. Investors have paid attention to Marconi and J.P. Morgan did not give Tesla more money.

In this way, the Tesla tower became mole Useless finally fell in 1917.

Before his victory, perhaps, one of his greatest career. Tesla could not fault "The weak, blind and doubtful world" because it is not a project that has constantly changed the world.

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