Tuesday , January 25 2022

Tesla Roadster floats the rockets in the air


It's not a joke. Elon Musk is serious and does not kidding us. On Twitter account, Tesla Roadster announces a radical innovation that will be marketed directly in SpaceX's aerospace space. I repeat again, it's not a joke. Elon Musk will set it up optional "SpaceX" sports car electricianIt is made up of ultra-violet pressurized air pressures that will accelerate and pass through the corridor. The car says that it will be able to float the car a few centimeters of ground in the air. How do you say

It started with an enigmatic publication on Twitter, and "Back to the Future" DeLorean DMC-12 appears floating in the air. Of course, science fiction cars could never do anything in reality.

But Elon Musk says It can be done by your Roadster.

And because he responded on Twitter, he will do it through a series of series Pressurized air impulseDesigned the image and image system of the Falcon 9 rocket to press fuel tanks to accommodate the flight. Remembering the previous tweets of Elon Musk, we remember that it will be the Roadster in June Option "SpaceX" package with a small 10 "rocket".. Ten drivers will open over the perimeter of the car, faster or slow down Improve your curve path.

The dynamics offered by this pilot aerodynamic system are, as I said, dreams of sports cars.

System drivers will be dynamized Ultra-pressurized air is stored in the rear seats space – Deposit in a kevlar, metal and carbon fiber alloy. This deposit is known as the Composite Compressed Pressure Compound (COPV) and NASA paper, which you can find out about how it works, if you want to deepen your knowledge. It is important to keep in mind the system Use pressure air, not liquid fuel – Musk will continue to be a vehicle for electricity, a Falcon 9 rocket and a non-convertible hazardous cross.

Muskek chooses the SpaceX package Tesla Roadster's incredible acceleration will improve, which is between 0 and 96 km / h, only 1.9 seconds. In addition, we can float to the ground, we imagine for a few seconds. This function will be Gadget, pure artwork created by shows. Of course, the questions about the most unstable state of the system were not long, and Musk responded in a most exemplary way: "I do not believe this situation is foreseen by law, it will be legal at the time".

If Musk had been able to launch the Tesla Roadster Martian's orbit, I think it's capable of setting it "in the streets" on a street car.

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