Wednesday , January 26 2022

Tesla self-employed runs more than one Russian robot


Everything was an accident. This video is a laugh.

Functions of self-guiding seem to have been here. But these systems they are perfect. Any human kill and, apparently, any robot.

This entertaining incident, as expected, occurred in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.

The Daily Mail reported that a pro-Russian autoplayer Promobot also went to the exhibition floor.

But a guilty driver diverted and ended up in a parking lot. Therefore, George CalderaThe owner of the latest Tesla model; He decided to try automatic driving for the first time.

Everything seemed safe for me, there were no people in the parking lot. Georgie broke the rider and made a trip.

Tesla approached the Russian robot without detecting it. So, as expected, he ran and threw it on the ground.

du Model S Tesla apparently drove the robot completely. Damaging the damages would be almost impossible.

The security camera caught the whole event. And we can actually see that the collision would not have been scuffed.

But it was enough that Tesla system is still 100% reliable.

Unlike the apocalypse against the robot.

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