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Teslek has nominated new Musk directors


Nowadays, the two announced appointments have signed a company agreement with SEC, which also increases the monitoring of the social network of all its members.

Tesla was named Larry Ellison, creator of Oracle software, With its managers, it occupies part of the United States' electric vehicle manufacturer's agreement, after a stop at Elon Musk in September.

The company has also been named Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, head of human resources Alliance Walgreens Boots and Kellogg Directorto fill the vacancy.

Both appointments came into effect on August 27, but today, when the maturity ended, the document provided by the Securities and Markets Commission (SEC) was notified. And three months later Tesla arrived to get an agreement to appoint Muskas the new president of the board and the independent directors, After a few tweets made by a creator SEC lawsuit

After the announcement, The company shares saw a bit On the stock exchange and this time, 2.28%.

"The board … has made a detailed process in search of new independent directors, in which the candidates from all over the world have a broad range of skills and a strong personal belief in Tesla's mission," said the automobile director in the text.

"Oracle's CEO, the technology director and founder of Oracle, is no longer required to present Larry's career as a business and philanthropist, Larry Tesla's mission is incredible, he has bought 3 million shares this year." indicate directory

Control the tweets

Nowadays, there is also a new stage for the Twitter accounts in Musk. Within the framework of the SEC, Tesla must implement several measures to control the presence of volatile generators in the social network.

The measures include: creating a commission and incorporating an expert in securities lawyer to monitor and monitor high-level executive executives of companies.

Musk looks at what he writes, because the Security said he had cheated on "secured financing", negotiating with the company on the stock exchange exchange.

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