Monday , June 21 2021

That way, Luke Skywalker seems to be showing up on The Force Awakens

Another actress by Mark Hamill played a scene from Luke's view.

There was a problem in the Star Wars talk: Force Awakens Luke Skywalker He almost did not appear in the film, because he saw only a few seconds in the final scene and we have to confirm that they will be different today.

An original idea in King's view, we saw a sequence of famous Duke scenes lightsabers Between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, The Empires Strikes Back, Luke Marköll would not play, an actor Robert Boulter (through / Cinema).

This was the rumor that he managed in 2015 when he said that Boulter had chosen the young version of Luke, but the scene was discarded and nothing was mentioned.

Now we have a picture that appeared on Reddit Boulton dress and hairstyle as Skywalker, who first shows us how she looked at the commented scene.

Luke Skywalker

What do you think of it, do you want to see in Luké's boyfriend King's view or think he did not work?

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