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That Xbox reaches other consoles is not only possible, it is also a great idea

In recent weeks, the rumor has come to the fore Microsoft I would be working on the arrival of the Xbox brand to other consoles. With Switch as the main objective, the river of rumors not only seems feasible, it could also be the answer to a much more ambitious and intelligent project.

The apparently absurdity of the situation, "give away"To the competition its best asset, it has not been slow to wake up complaints and dislikes. But if we analyze the path of Xbox In recent years, it is easy to see how the rumor becomes something feasible and crazy in a successful strategy.

Xbox as hardware, but also as a service

On rare occasions we have heard Phil Spencer talk about the intention to take Xbox to any device. With the help of their Project xCloud, the streaming video game service they claim to be preparing, we have even seen promotional videos announcing the arrival of games from home to mobile.

The proposal is even more logical if we think of the combination of everything Microsoft has been presenting to date. Starting with the idea of ​​Xbox Play Anywhere to take Xbox games to PC, ending with Xbox Game Pass to offer the definitive subscription service of the industry, and adorning everything with the arrival of Xbox Live to iOS, Android and Switch.

There is an obvious turn, but not to get out Xbox of its habitual means, but to turn that means into something much more broad and promising. Las Xbox Game Pass numbers They have been responsible for strengthening a project with results that, frankly, would never have put their hand on the fire.

Growth beyond our borders

The expected results speak of how the player base grows when titles are added to the service or how they all have increased the number of games they try and the time they spend, but in fact they are the least important in this equation. The key is that yes Xbox Game Pass in Xbox One is capable of Expand reservations by 25% and in 10% sales, What will you get when you pass 40 million consoles to 2,500 million smartphones?

Equally logical, it seems the fear of a change that, a priori, would leave the hardware Xbox in a secondary position. After all, if I can play on a Switch to Xbox games, why would I want an Xbox? The discourse is similar to what many of us pose in the day with the arrival of their exclusive PCs, but in this possible future scenario there are many more nuances.

The first of them is that hugging the PC market is not equivalent to embracing everything else. After all, it was reducing the potential of Xbox in favor of a system that Microsoft already controlled, so there was little room for maneuver and a sector, that of stores like Steam, who also being a tough competitor already offered similar solutions in the form of triple A games.

A fight that grows in hardness and competition

Do the same with Switch, mobile or even Smart TV In the future, it has a completely different look. There he would expand and complete a catalog of options that these devices do not have, and in addition would do so in conditions that would favor the acquisition of users and, in the long run, the need to acquire hardware Xbox to enjoy the experience in its best version. It is not the same as a streaming game that one running in native, however promising that Microsoft's technology may be.

More complicated is the vision of Xbox Game Pass or xCloud coming to PS4, but only from what perspective you look. Although Microsoft seems to be towing in the video game industry, it does not do so in the services or other sectors. So addicted we are looking the fight between Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony That, more often than we should, we forget that these two companies are not the direct competition of those of Redmond.

Microsoft, and consequently also Xbox, in fact it fights against other giants much bigger and harder. Compete with Amazon, Apple, Google, names that go far beyond the plot we are used to watching. Titans who have already confirmed they are working to enter the world of video games and against those who can only fight pulling aggressive and revolutionary strategies. You can play Halo on a Nintendo console, it may well be one of them.

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