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The actress "Hidden Truths" finally shows Rocío's pregnant belly

The "Hidden Truths" television series wants to start a new cycle and everything is very limited and tense.

Leonardo would approach his revenge, revealing Amelia's identity, and Laura herself.

A prominent character is that Rocío, a character from Camila Hirane and who was pregnant, said the loyal followers of the TV series "have been pregnant for 6 months and have no belly".

But after publishing these images published by the actress this year, the state of pregnancy is finally visible, showing a large belly.

"I had wadding! Wrote a commentary on the writer # Rocío #VerdadesOcultas", when he received more than 22 thousand "likes".

However, previous comments on the previous situation were mentioned, which showed some episodes without pregnancy.

"Until Wadding came out"; "In the end … 15 months pregnant and I did not see anything"; "He knew the flat abdomen and the hahaha's sex between the buses"; "At last it shows the real Tomás!" And "Hahahahaha, thankful for leaving Roqueric for a moment … She's 6 months pregnant and without any guinea", they just had a few messages.

Here you can see the image:

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