Thursday , October 6 2022

The agreement between Colo Colo and Agustín Orion for the renewal of a one-year contract


According to data from the CDF, the Argentinean will continue to close the next few days.

Marcelo Espina said this week: The board of Black and White has extended the contracts of Agustín Orion and Julio Barroso with Colo Colo. And all the gatekeepers express their arrival in good port.

According to CDF data, Argentina accepted a significant reduction in its salary Additionally, some signals are also discounted another year with Cacique.

As it has been said, this agreement would also have the edge of the sport, since it wants to continue its constant monitoring Brayan Cortés.

And, about Iquiqueño, you need to see how the news is seenEach time he wants to add minutes, he compares with the beginning of Orion and the duration of Orion.

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