Monday , October 18 2021

The airline launches an offer to get complicated Blue Brazil


David Neeleman, the Brazilian airline's president, has said that the company will be able to study this opportunity in the short term and with the available cash disposals.

The Brazilian airline president and founder, David Neeleman, said the company was exploring the possibility of launching an alternative anti-Brazil offer, which last week supported the protection of bankruptcy.

The company "explores this possibility in the short term," said the executive at the Brazilian Valor Econico magazine. He also stated that the definitive purchase would be made with cash resources available.

Last Friday, CEO of Blue, John Rodgerson, stated that the airline had not negotiated any possible options for business in Uruguay in Brazil. But he acknowledged that there could be a possible agreement for the fourth largest airline in Brazil.

At the beginning of December, the financial president of Avianca Holdings, Gerardo Grajales, said that Brazilian Blue Airlines (United Continental 8%) and Avianca were the targets of the company's failure to support the bankruptcy. United Continental Holdings Inc, Colombian Avianca and Panama Round Alliance, in the United States and Latin American routes.

Avianca Holdings, based in Colombia, controlling operations in Ecuador, El Salvador and Peru and Avianca Brazil are not the same, but share their shareholder with the shareholder, Germán Efromovich, and have also been merging in the process.

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