Thursday , July 7 2022

The army has "made no charge" for the wages and false travels imposed by the contractor


Through a reserved resolution, The army resolved the summary "without summary" Due to the deviation of the budget resources entrusted by the General Directorate of the Republican Administration, the cost of travel expenses and the salaries were not made and carried out It could be more than 3 million.

According to a study by BíoBío Chile, the Mutual Assistance Fund (FAM) is a type of informal system of solidarity that operated since the beginning of the 1960s, where the officers and the NCO killed money and retired after a month's money, obtained a similar settlement.

The system, in any case, has failed and millions of contributions have been lost. In order to alleviate losses, General Óscar Izurieta resolved Return money through travel and employment contracts, whose work was never done. It happened until 2016.

The investigation was sent by the Navy to the procurement office, to make the decision, to verify or cancel it, which is expected to be rejected. The consequences of the Contractor's Office would be crimes, so the information was sent to the Attorney General.

The decision to close without a lawsuit is in the midst of the statements made by the Commander of the Military School of the United States, Ricardo Martínez Menanteao, who has sold weapons to drug traffickers due to the uniformity of his organization, the Navy and the Air Force. .

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