Wednesday , January 27 2021

The Beatles beat Pumas and Seven at Punta del Este

Chile rugby team Seven sides This weekend played the championship Punta del Este after winning the Argentinian Pumas 7-5 adapted.

When the Condor raced on Saturday it was a success Group A with victories Germany (28-21), Paraguay (47-0) and the United States (27-5), the results that make it possible to enter the quarters for the best score.

Pablo Lemoine's students dropped his honorable band on Sunday to defeat Canada, among the top eight, and was a 31-10 result, ranked first in Portugal.

The lawsuit against Lusos seemed to have reversed the decentralized start and decisive turnaround in the 24-14 case came about, referring to the always dreadful Pumas.

Then, in the end, he was against a great Chilean player, and he was a strong and powerful team. It was the only trial passed in the first half.

In a decisive way, Condors suffered from the catastrophes of Trans-Andena and, at a certain moment, when the regulation time was over, he wrote the essay Lucas Westcott He became a peremptory for his conversion Rodrigo Fernández He left Argentina without a possible reaction.

The next Chilean challenge will be Viña del Mar Seven, which will be held on the circuit of the next weekend to find the best places in the South American team and take them to the circuits. Hong Kong coast and dates Las Vegas and Vancouver World Series Sevens.

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