Tuesday , July 27 2021

The Bolsa de Santiago continues in two matches, with profits

The Santiago Stock Exchange closes for a week, with a drop of 0.97% in the five operations.

At the weekend, the balance of the negative territory was broken by the IPSA two consecutive weeks. It happened at the time of the hard-hitting business days of Wall Street technology, which meant that both indicators lost annual profits.

On the other hand, most affected by CAP, 7.30% and Cencosud, fell by 5.92%. The consortium of Horst Paulmann published yesterday results of the quarterly results for investors in the Argentine market.

On the other hand, those who held were attended by CCU, 4.63% and Latom's 4.22%.

Cencosud securities lost 2.34% of the stock exchange after the unexpected results report

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