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The bookshop about "Down Syndrome" kitten supports and loves children

@ Meetmayacat is a Instagram account that tells the story of Maya, a kitten with "Down Syndrome", and after having overcome a sanctuary that had its owner "strange cats".

"It has an extra chromosome and the world wants to show that difference is inequality," says feline adventures, such as Halloween costumes, funny eating habits and Dragon games, another Salem city in Massachusetts, United States.

Indeed, Down syndrome only exists for the human species, which has 23 pairs of chromosomes, where genetic information exists, and one person has an additional copy of the chromosome 21, that is, two two places.

However, they can also bear other animal species genetic abnormalities, and trisomias are chromosomal, in other words, that present cognitive and physiological difficulties or anatomical abnormalities, as in the case of mice, presented in chromosome 16. The difference is trisomy, especially 21, which is the structure of human DNA.

Recently, the owner of Maya published a book aimed at children, showing their love of being different or their illnesses.

"This wonderful photo book presents @meetmayacat and teaches children of all ages, to accept different ones. Written by normalization of disabilities or all kinds of physical, developmental and emotional conditions, this book can open everyone's eyes, each life deserves love and acceptance "says part of the book's presentation.

He also stated that the text "encourages children to treat and treat others and drives them into the metaphor of small and mischievous cats".

"Young children reflect a basic catastrophe that does not have a cat (or a child) with behavior or attitudes to understand other causes for the elderly."

He also donates to The Odd Cat Sanctuary, starting from the rescue of the Maya and the special Olympics in Massachusetts.

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